Ever since I was a little kid, cereal has always been my favorite food. Even in high school, my stepfather used to joke and ask my mom if I ever ate anything besides cereal. Unfortunately, I stopped eating it in my 20’s due to the carb bloat I would get around my midsection from all the sugar. (And quite frankly, I’m not really a “one bowl of cereal” type of girl. More of a “eat the whole box in one sitting” type.)

Enter The Cereal School. These little packages of delight come in various different flavors, contain 100 calories per bag, 16g of protein, and no sugar! (Not to mention, they have the little circular shape and puffy crunchy texture of Kix, which I loved as a kid.) Their cereal is also grain-free and gluten-free, so it’s perfect for those on a restricted diet.

I’ve tried their cocoa, peanut butter, cinnamon and fruity flavors, and I have to say, the peanut butter and cinnamon are definitely my favorites. (They’ve also recently added two new additions I have yet to try, cookies and cream and berries. Next on the list!)

The peanut butter flavor reminds me of a Reese’s cereal I loved when I was little (which sadly, I don’t think they still make.) I looove anything peanut butter flavored (candy, ice cream, you name it), so combining one of my favorite flavors with my favorite food is a dream!

Ironically, I never loved Cinnamon Toast Crunch because I always felt it was too sugary, so Cereal School’s cinnamon flavor is perfect for me. (I never liked super sugary cereals, but I do love anything cinnamon-flavored.) It packs just the right amount of flavor and sweetness without tasting overly saturated with sugar.

If you’d like to order a batch and try it for yourself, you have a few options. 12 bags is your least expensive option for $29.99, but you can only choose one flavor. For $49.99 you can choose up to two flavors and you get 24 bags. (One bag = one bowl of cereal, FYI.) Or you can get 48 bags and up to four flavors for $89.99. Also, keep in mind that if you sign up for a subscription, you get 10% off and can cancel at any time.

Feel free to visit their website, The Cereal School, and you can see the options and reviews for yourself!

High crunch, low carb keto cereal

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