When it comes to alcohol, red wine is one of the best low-sugar options. But sometimes it can be a bit too bitter when I’m in the mood for something sweet, which is why wine spritzers are great. My favorite is a red wine berry spritzer, which is really just a combo of red wine and berry-flavored seltzer water, topped with ice and frozen berries. Super easy and tasty, without any added sugar!

Spritzers are a great low-calorie cocktail, since seltzer water is calorie-free, and they’re especially great for those who dislike the bitterness of red wine. Originally, I thought they would need a little added sweetness, but surprisingly the berry seltzer added enough flavor that you don’t need any extra sugar.

If you do prefer a dash of something sweet, you can boil 1 cup of berries in 1 cup water for about 5-10 minutes until the fruit color evaporates, then strain the mix and pour it into the drink. It’s a great sugar-free way to sweeten it up naturally.

You can add any berry of your choice. I love raspberries and blackberries in my spritzers, but feel free to add blueberries, cranberries or strawberries as well.

Red Wine Berry Spritzer
Recipe type: Cocktails
  • ½ cup wine
  • ½ cup berry-flavored seltzer water
  • Frozen berries
  1. Fill a wine or cocktail glass with ice.
  2. Pour wine into glass until halfway full, then fill remaining glass with seltzer water and stir.
  3. Garnish with frozen berries.


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