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Grilled Tofu Tacos with Spicy Avocado Sauce

Tofu is a great sugar-free, low calorie source of protein, but it requires quite a bit of seasoning and grilling before it achieves the perfect amount of flavor and texture. I'm one of those people who likes everything extra crispy (no mushy french fries please!), so you can see why tofu didn't appeal to me initially. By itself, tofu is [...]

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Quinoa & Oats Breakfast Bowl

For this breakfast bowl, you can use either rolled oats or steel-cut oats. Steel cut oats sit lower on the glycemic index, but they take longer to cook, at least 30 minutes. (Those on a gluten-free diet will want to make sure to use pure oats that don't contain wheat.) For the granola, I recommend [...]

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Dairy-Free Peanut Butter Cups

I can’t believe I went my whole life without knowing how easy it is to make your own chocolate. And of course, after learning this, my first impulse was to make my childhood favorite candy – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! Sorry Reese’s, but these homemade peanut butter cups are so much better! They’re vegan, gluten-free, [...]

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Spicy Lentil Chili

A few things to know about this delicious spicy lentil chili recipe: I use a bag of lentils that are already cooked. (Trader Joe's has them in the refrigerated section next to the bags of lettuce.) I steam, peel and chop my own tomatoes. (I try to avoid things that come in a can.) You [...]

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Stuffed Bell Peppers

I'm always looking for recipes that don't include bread, flour, pasta, or any heavy starches that can be difficult to digest, which is usually harder than it seems. Spaghetti squash and zucchini are great pasta substitutes, and stuffed squash is another healthy option, but most dinner recipes require a tortilla or bread of some sort [...]

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Chocolate Covered Cherry Smoothie Bowl

I follow a lot of food blogger Instagram accounts, and I find myself gravitating towards the pages that contain the most photos of smoothie bowls. It's not that smoothie bowls are difficult to make, I just love the pictures. It's like making your breakfast a beautiful work of art. And it inspires me to eat [...]

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Kale & Quinoa Stuffed Acorn Squash

This quinoa stuffed acorn squash is one of those recipes that makes me feel like a fancy chef, even though it's super easy to make. For a vegan version you can omit the crumbled goat cheese (I just like to top it with a small handful for a little extra flavor) and replace the honey [...]

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Easy Corn Chowder

I've been on a corn kick lately. It started a few weeks ago when I had the most incredible corn tamales at a local Mexican restaurant. Then last weekend, a friend of mine hosted a party and made a spicy creamy corn dip for one of the snacks. I don't think I left the food [...]

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Corn Tamale Cakes

Corn tamales are one of my favorite dishes to order at Mexican restaurants. There are a lot of recipes for sweet corn tamale cakes, but most of them contain dairy and use mayonnaise for the sauce. So I came up with this recipe that's really easy to make and contains minimal (and all dairy-free) ingredients. I also [...]

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Veggie Dijon Sandwich

Sometimes, the simplest things in life are the best... I love this veggie sandwich on whole wheat bagel thins (sandwich thins work too!) with Dijon mustard and a dash of Vegenaise. You can also use hummus and make it a hummus sandwich, or use a whole wheat tortilla and make it a wrap. So many [...]

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Stuffed Papaya Boats

Did you know that papayas contain enzymes that help with digestion? They're also known to reduce inflammation and boost your immune system. (Oh, and did I mention, they're delicious too?) I came across an Instagram photo of a stuffed papaya that made my mouth water just looking at it. I'm always looking for different plant-based recipes, [...]

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