Greetings from London! This is my first trip to England and, although I love to blog about the different food trends in other countries, I had no idea what to expect when I arrived here.

Now that I’ve been here for 3 weeks, I can say that, the tastiest meals I’ve experienced have been at street markets.

This was unknown to me before I arrived, but street markets are extremely common here. So rather than writing about the traditional cider and fish and chips trends here, I decided to put together a list of my favorite street markets in London. And trust me, if you’re a foodie like I am and looking for an unforgettable meal in London, you’ll want to check these out.


Camden Market: Camden is BY FAR my favorite street food market in London, and my favorite neighborhood in general. This is where Amy Winehouse lived, and it has a very artsy, rock and roll vibe to it.

In addition to having incredible food tents, they also have an art and crafts market, and an endless amount of cool shops, bars and restaurants. On Thursdays they have a night market with live music, street art, performers and an outdoor movie cinema.

camden town london

But anyways… back to the food! After trying a few food samples at the market, I tasted the best hummus of my life and had to have it. I ordered a Falafel and hummus wrap with grilled Halloumi cheese (also unknown to me before I arrived, Halloumi cheese is another big trend here.)

The second time I came to market, I ordered a crepe with egg, cheese, tomato, onion and spinach. I also had an avocado and coconut smoothie from a South American food stand which didn’t sound particularly appetizing, but after I tasted the sample, it was undoubtedly worth the three pounds. So good.


Borough Market: My second favorite market, and conveniently located in the London Bridge neighborhood. They have so many options, it’s almost overwhelming. I love mangos, so I ordered a fresh squeezed orange and mango juice (I could have drank about ten of them) and a spinach and cheese pastry.


Southbank Market: Southbank is a smaller market located near Waterloo station, next to the London eye. This is the only market I’ve visited that has drink stands as well! While I do love me some tasty street food, I also love to roam the markets with an adult drink in hand. Here I had a tasty crepe with goat cheese, red peppers, caramelized onions and spinach.


Portobello Road Market: The Portobello Market is in the super cool neighborhood of Notting Hill. Lots of antique shops, home made crafts, and multicolored houses if you want to take some cool photos. There aren’t too many food tents here, it’s more of a farmers market and there are some crepe stands here and there, but I do love the area.

london houses

And if you want to check out my video blog of the London street markets, you can watch it here:

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