One of my favorite things about traveling is experiencing different foods in different cultures. I also love cozy restaurant ambiance almost as much as I love the food.

After spending the past three weeks in England, here’s a list of the coolest restaurants in London that I visited. Ambiance and food were both deciding factors!


Sketch – Mayfair


Located in the Mayfair neighborhood, Sketch is by far the coolest restaurant in London. This photo is of the gallery room (all pink!) where you can have afternoon tea every day from noon until 5pm. They also have four other rooms in the restaurant, all decorated a different theme, and a bathroom that looks like it’s in outer space!

sketch london

The Glade Room:

glade room sketch london

The Parlour:

parlour sketch london

Bathroom Pods:



Duke of Wellington – Notting Hill


For those of you who have never been to London, fish and chips is the city’s BIG food trend. Everywhere you look, there are fish and chips signs hanging in every window. After walking up and down Portobello Road in Notting Hill, my friend finally decided he had to try the “world-renowned” fish and chips that were advertised in the Duke of Wellington’s window. (And based on my love of cute restaurant decor, I took one look at the neon cushions and artwork above and agreed.) I, however, ordered poached eggs with hollandaise and asparagus and it was delish.


Beach Blanket Babylon – Notting Hill


(photo credit:

The photos don’t even do this place justice. Beach Blanket Babylon is SO COOL. Like dining in a castle. Or an underground cave. Fireplaces, candles, cozy nooks, ancient staircases. I just love it.


Babylon – Kensington

babylon kensington

(photo credits:

Above the Kensington Roof Gardens Club is the Babylon Restaurant. Such a cool posh place with gorgeous views that overlook the gardens where you’ll see birds, bridges, and little waterways.

The Roof Gardens are also a great place to go afterward for some nightlife (but make sure to RSVP in advance). They have an inside dance club, as well as many adorable outdoor areas.


Garden and Grill – Notting Hill

garden grill london

The Garden and Grill is a roof deck restaurant on Portobello Road. I have to admit, the food at this place isn’t the best, but the vibe is as cute as it gets. Tiki-style decor, plants and flowers everywhere, and great music. My pad thai wasn’t the greatest, but I did enjoy this strawberry chocolate waffle and lemon ginger tea.


The Market Thai – Notting Hill

market thai london

If you can’t tell, Notting Hill has a great selection of restaurants. And directly across the street from the Garden and Grill is the Market Thai, which has very cool Asian decor and amazing food! I ordered this lemongrass coconut curry and it was to die for.

Bills – Putney

Technically, there are Bill’s Restaurants all over London, but I spent most of my time at the Putney location (as that’s where I was staying) and loved it. (I also dined at the Kensington location once and the ambiance is equally as cozy.) Bill’s looks and feels exactly as I’d imagine a restaurant in England to feel like – antique candle holders, wooden tables, dim lighting, shelves and shelves of tea and homemade jam. And the food is incredible. I ordered grilled halloumi cheese with lentils (halloumi cheese is another HUGE trend over there), an heirloom tomato and mozzarella dish, and toast with sundried tomato spread and mozzarella. YUM.

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