Being a huge fan of Thai food, I was stoked to try the different dishes and restaurants in Chiang Mai. But I have to say, the most interesting experience was the Khum Khantoke show, which is held at the Old Chiang Mai Cultural Center and features music, lanna dancing, and sword and fire dancing. I’d definitely recommend it for anyone visiting Chiang Mai, as it’s a pretty cool, unique experience, but I have to warn you – if you’re a vegetarian, you may want to eat beforehand!

For the show, you’re seated on cushioned seats on the floor and share a buffet of Thai food that primarily consists of fried meat – fried pork, chicken wings, pork curry (hence my warning!) but there are a few veggie options such as fried pumpkin and fruit.

khum khantoke

We decided to visit Chiang Mai at the beginning of November because it was the week of their Yi Peng Loy Krathong Lantern festival. Another very cool experience because there’s so much to do! Parades, fireworks, shopping bazaars, and of course, lighting up your own lantern! (Which I never realized how big they are!)

lantern festival thailand

One of the best things about Thailand (aside from the incredible $6 massages), was the abundance of coconuts! If you’ve read any of my recipes, then you know how much I LOVE coconuts.

My friend and I stayed at the Ban Sabai Village Resort in Chiang Mai, which not only had fresh coconuts (a great poolside drink!) but they also had a homemade coconut jam in their buffet jelly platter. It looked a little strange but it was de-li-cious.

coconut jam


Other trip highlights:

Visiting the Doi Suthep Temple (and making a wish at the sacred elephant!)

doi suthep

Tiger Kingdom! You can opt for which size tiger you want to see – I chose the big tigers and cute little baby tigers. Super cool!

thailand tigers

Night Safari – A cool nighttime activity where a safari car takes you on a tour of the animals (hippos, bears, giraffes, zebras, kangaroos, etc.) Some of them come right up to the car and you can feed them. Then they have a lady boy show at the end. Yeah!

Oh and did I mention that massages are only $6? For an hour? For the best massage of your life? (Easiest decision of my life: to get a massage every day that I’m in Thailand.)

If you want to watch my Chiang Mai travel vlog, you can see it here:

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