Our last spot in Italy was the beautiful island of Capri. Having lived primarily on pizza and pasta for the past week, I was certain that I’d be unable to button my pants by this point in the trip (Eat Pray Love style), but oddly enough, I actually lost weight! I suspect this is because A) I walked a lot, and B) gelato was an acceptable everyday meal.

Anyywayyyss… Capri! Awesome. Gorgeous. Our hotel was located in Anacapri, which is at the very top of the island. (Pros: Beautiful views. Cons: Frighteningly scary for someone who’s deathly afraid of heights.)

This was the relaxing part of the trip, which mainly consisted of poolside pink bellinis by day, and lounge music by night.


(This was our hotel lounge… pretty cool right? Like an underground cave.)

hotel san michele

Our hotel was also walking distance to some adorable little shopping areas and restaurants just further up the hill. (Look at this little house. Come on. Stop the cuteness.)


My favorite restaurant in Capri was Le Arcate, which was walking distance from our hotel, had a cute, cozy atmosphere, and the food was, of course, delicious.

(But seriously, where in Italy ISN’T delicious?)


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