It’s pretty easy to figure out the popular food trend in a new city simply by observing the signs. In London, virtually every single restaurant had a “fish and chips!” sign in the window. Thus, it didn’t take me long upon arriving in the Netherlands to discover that the city of Amsterdam LOVES pancakes.

There were streets and streets of pancake houses, and even little statues of men holding Nutella jars.


My friend and I stayed in Leidse Square, and couldn’t resist dining at the adorable De Vier Pilaren restaurant near our hotel. What we discovered upon arriving is that Amsterdam pancakes are actually just open faced crepes. I ordered a delicious pancake with strawberries and powdered sugar, with a side of Nutella and whipped cream.

We also dined at the Pancake House a few streets over, which had a very cute cabin in the mountains vibe, and pages and pages of pancake options. I opted for egg and cheese this time around.

Then we decided to take a break from pancakes, as there’s a street in Leidse Square called Lange Leidse Dwarsstraat that is lined with every type of restaurant imaginable. I learned how to steep my own loose leaf tea at Cafe Max, and ordered a tapas plate with bread, cheese and Tapenade. (Adorable little place, but not many healthy options.)

And right around the corner there are so many sweet shops. (Yum.)


Next to Leidse Square is Vondelpark, which was my favorite spot. I biked along the path and had an afternoon meal (a veggie egg quiche) at Groot Melkhuis, a little cafe on the water.


My other favorite strip of restaurants was at Spuistraat. I ate at Cafe Luxembourg, which had great window views and a buffalo mozzarella dish that was a-maze. (Grilled veggies and sweet pepper pesto… yes please!)

We ended the trip with outdoor brunch at Luminaa in the Leidse Square market.

And of course… raspberry bellinis!

raspberry bellinis

Here’s the link to the video blog: Pancakes in Amsterdam

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