rachel burke

Hi, I’m Rachel, and welcome to The Skinny Chick’s Cookbook – a health blog that aims for fun, easy, all natural recipes with 10 ingredients or less.

My goal is to inspire others to maintain a healthy lifestyle by featuring recipes that are exciting and easy to cook. Since I have a major sweet tooth and love anything pizza-related, I’ve concocted healthier versions of your everyday junk food that are quick and easy to make, and that you don’t have to feel guilty eating!

Although some recipes do include dairy products such as eggs and yogurt, I try to offer vegan and gluten-free options as much as possible, and always use real, whole food ingredients.

I also LOVE to travel, and share all of my favorite dishes and restaurants from all over the world on my blog page.

Last, if you’d like a copy of the cookbook, you can order it HERE!

(And if you’d like to check out my other books, you can find them here: www.rachelburke.com)

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