As we all know, hydration is a key element to staying healthy. It’s great for your body, your skin, your digestive system… yet so many of us still don’t drink as much water as we should!

Here’s my trick: spruce up your water! Treat it like any other cocktail. Add a dash of lemon, muddled fruit, drink it from a martini glass… whatever you have to do to make it fun!

Here are my favorite things to add to my water:

– Coconut water (Coconut water alone has too much sugar for my taste.)

– Fresh squeezed grapefruit (And it’s great for you! Boost that metabolism!)

– Lemon and cayenne pepper (Add to warm water for a great detoxer. I like to add a splash of apple cider vinegar and ginger for real potency.)

– Raspberry and lime (Like a raspberry lime rickey without the calories.)

– Muddled strawberries or blueberries (Your choice.)

– Sliced watermelon (My favorite!)

I’ve found that I consume more when I drink from an iced beverage cup with a straw and add a splash of flavor. The important thing is to find whatever works for you in order to stay healthy and hydrated.