I just got my first infused water pitcher today and I love it! I’ve wanted one for quite some time because I love naturally flavored water like Hint and wanted to make my own.

I made my first batch using blackberries and raspberries, but I would advise to use warm or room temperature water. I used cold water initially and couldn’t figure out why the water wasn’t being infused after a few hours, but then read that water should be at least room temp for faster infusing. I also read that 8 hours is recommended for complete flavor. It’s been a few hours now and my water finally has a fruity flavor to it!

For anyone looking to order one, here’s the one I have. I highly recommend it!


It’s also recommended that you remove the fruit from the pitcher after the first day if you haven’t yet finished the water.

Here are a few water infusing combos I came up with for anyone looking for ideas:

The Rickey: Raspberry and Lime
The Metabolism Booster: Grapefruit and Orange
The Cooler: Watermelon and Cucumber
The Tropical: Pineapple and Mango
The Exotic: Blackberry and Cinnamon Sticks